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Private Love Nest Hotels, "Couples Hotel"


Introducing the Safe Heaven Hotels :                                 Best Investment in 2018
These "Couples Hotel" they will be very profitable( ZAR 4million a year revenue with only 8 bedrooms) The Hotel is very simple to build, Unique in South Africa only way to access in is with your car, Most Private in South Africa too. Pay per hour or day, Romantic beautiful rooms.........

Safe Heaven Hotels
Short Summary:
Good day:
My name is Diego Singer, I’m looking for business partners to start these Enterprise, the business is going to be so huge that one person will never handle it, that’s why I offer to the business partners 90% equity that they can share between them in exchange of their experience, expertise & partnership because is not always how much equity you have but the partner you get. I'm happy with just 10% of the business working for the investors as a consultant,  May be you hear about my sister Monica Singer CEO of STRATE (“Strate” provides electronic settlement of equities and bonds transactions concluded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) She knows the hotels profits but without the right guidance the hotels will never succeed; A strong group of investors is need it ready to invest in Hotels in Cape Town, Durban Pretoria as anyone can bring a few millions and do it but controlling hundreds of people coming in and out, the fixing of the rooms in less than 10min, the security of the hotel and surrounding areas, and I have the design of the building that is key in the success of this Enterprise a building never seen before in South Africa.
I would like to bring to South Africa a new kind of hotels a “Couples Hotel”, a place                                  (more like a Palace bedrooms look alike but ore romantic).that been running very successful & profitable in South America and Europe, one of the most successful in Uruguay is “Marivent” with 43 rooms running from 1983 in the capital  Montevideo with o population of  3.5 million while here in JHB we have 8 million people double the market and level of living, remember to see how amazing are the Bedrooms, the decoration, the ambiance ,the prices, the  service go to: http://www.marivent.com.uy/
Imagine what a good business and how profitable they are that a few months ago in the same capital Montevideo with only 3.5 million people and a standard of living less than half of South Africa a new “Couples Hotel” has open with more technology than “Marivent” and more easy to book online; the name “Septimo Cielo” (seventh heaven) remember to see how amazing are the Bedrooms, the decoration, the ambiance ,the prices & the  service go to: http://www.septimocielo.com.uy/
There are 6 in Montevideo I just name 2 of the best, how there is not even one of them in South Africa, so many millionaires in South Africa and no one ever went to South America, because if they did we will have these Couples hotels many years ago, the rooms of the best hotels in SA don’t come even closer to the beauty, the luxury, the fun of these bedrooms.
I feel sorry for the youngsters in this country, how boring must be their sex life compare to anyone in my little country Uruguay I born in Montevideo and these “Couples Hotels” where my safe heaven to have a nice time with my 2 sometimes 3 girlfriends.                                                                                                The only difference with the hotels in South Africa is that will be free protection for him and her.
My idea was select it to go to the Shark Tank in Mnet and because I could not express myself in between all the questions the only thing I got is an “I’m out” when they did not understand that I did not want their money or yours I just need it a trustfully serious partner.  
Kind Regards: Diego Singer
There is nothing in South Africa that can compare to the Safe Heaven Hotels that I want to build, there will be the most Private, Secure, Attractive Hotels ever made to go with your partner; The only Hotel where the couples won’t be judge on the looks or gender because no one will see them, they don’t need to register, can pay with card or cash the couples will enjoy a nice intimate moment in the most ,modern, beautiful, sexy bedrooms in South Africa with a 5 star service; I consider  Safe Heaven Hotels the “ Best Investment of the Year” as it will become a chain of Hotels around South Africa in no time, without any competition and  the demand for more Safe Heaven Hotels in South Africa will increase exponentially. For sure other companies will try to copy my idea of the Safe Heaven Hotel, but as soon the first blue prints are done with the first hotel we will Patent them so no one can build a same or similar building in South Africa and be sure, the building design is like never been build in South Africa before and the key to the success of the Safe Heaven Hotels and let’s not forget no one in South Africa knows how it work or run this hotels as they work in a way completely different than any other hotel in South Africa; Making me the only one that have the knowhow to run these hotels properly without run them to the ground like other people that will try to copy my idea will do without knowing the building design, more than that never experience one overseas.
·         Safest Investment ever!
·         Original as the Lost City in Sun City
·         Most Private Hotel in South Africa                                                                                                                      Payment per hour and night making it convenient for all
·         Most amazing bedrooms ever seen in South Africa
·         Expansion is inevitable; There will be a chain of Private Hotels all over South Africa
Capital Needed
R3,000,000  =  220000U$
Investment Raised
Previous Rounds
Investor Role
Monthly Involvement
     Explaining the Business
What ‘Safe Heaven Hotels do? It gives the opportunity to any couple to have a nice intimate moment, any time of the day or night surrounded on total luxury & 5 star hotel services.                                                                                                                                                  What service “Safe Heaven Hotels” provide?                                                                                                     We provide a “Safe Heaven” for everyone, especially for all young people that would like to have a nice moment alone & private.                                                                                                                               Does the “Safe Heaven Hotels” solve any problems? It solves the problem that young people are not going to risk their lives anymore in their cars or in a park day or night for an intimate moment.                                                                                    How does it work? The couple just need to book or just get there, for sure the couple that book get the best bedrooms and they can pay per hour or night together with some promotions that will make to go there most attractive.                                                                                                                                                        How is beneficiary for its customers?                                                                                                             First, we promote safe sex; in                                                                                                                        every bedroom will be free condoms & a coin machine that will provide the best condoms in the market.     Second, if at the end of the intimate moment the couple has any worries, the management will offer the “morning pill” if they can’t pay for it, no problem they can pay the next time they come.                                                                                                                                              Third, if for any reason neither of the couple feel well to drive, the hotel manager will offer to take them home and he will be come back using “UBER” and charge them the amount the next time they come.                                                                                                       Fourth, Many couples are on the brink of a divorce because they did not have time to be alone and express how much they love each other, here come the Love Nest Hotel to the rescue.                                                                                                                       Fifth, Sex is the best way to relive stress this hotel will help anyone to relax no matter the time, day or night. The Safe Heaven Hotel has no competition in South Africa, I dare anyone try to find another better proposal, to invest this year.
The Market
How big are the Market & the opportunity?                                                                                                    The Market is huge, people from all different races, belief, orientation and ages from 16 to 80years old.                No one will see them come in or come out, much more different from any other hotel, guest house or lodge in SA where anyone will be expose to “paparazzi” from the time they put a foot into the hotel till they come out.                                                                                                                                                                         Is the market growing?                                                                                                                                      Yes at the same time the population of South Africa does.                                                                               Who are your target customers? The middle class to the Rich Class in South Africa and visitors to SA.                  Who are your competitors (direct or indirect)? Small hotels, but they could not come even close to the           Safe Heaven Hotel” Privacy, Amazing bedrooms & Service.                                                                           Do you have any unique selling points or competitive advantages? The Privacy is unique, the design of the building is unique, the bedrooms there are more than unique, they will shadow the best bedrooms at the Lost City in Sun City, and people coming in will think the bedrooms are from a Palace.

I’m the only one that come from South America and been in these hotels and that the manager told everything about this private kind of hotel;                                                                                                   Anyone trying to do this business without my building design and my management advise is Doom to fail.
I don’t want anything for my idea that is worth millions, I just want to help to run the Hotel to be sure that the attention to the detail & customer care is done properly.
My Cell is: 0714529192
Do you have a prototype, finished product or website? Have you received any positive feedback from users; For sure I have a Prototype of the design of the building and I continuously I get good feedback from family and friends                                                                                                                                                                                                          What research have you done? Keep taking to different people about my idea & all agree is good.              Do you have any potential client’s line up? Managers, Directors, CFO,CEO’s….                                         Do you have any social media followers? Yes in twitter                                                                              Have you been featured in the press? Not yet but the inauguration of the “Safe Heaven Hotel” it will be huge! Have you won any awards? Safe Heaven Hotels will win many awards for saving people from STDs.                                                         Do you have patents? Once the blue prints of the building are done, they will be register & patent it.             Is the company profitable? Many of these hotels are been running for more than 20 years overseas.
I have the Prototype of the building that I can't publish as is part of the key that make it different to any other Hotel ever build in SA. I will show the Prototype building to serious investors. I wonder why no one has tried to do this before. I have hundreds of people waiting to try this safe heaven hotel.

After the blue prints of the building are done we will take them to the Patent attorneys, so no one in South Africa can copy the building for the next 10 year's.
Please compare this project to any other in the investment network. There is nothing like this Safe Heaven Hotel, it has no competition, no equal in South Africa, the profits every month will be huge. And the demand for them will grow every month.
Where is your company heading? To be the best ‘Private Hotel’ in the country (yes I expect competition)  What are your short terms goals? Build more “Safe Heaven Hotels”                                                                                                                       Where do you see the business in 2 to 5 years time? Have conquer, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, etc What’s your go expansion strategy? One Hotel at the time                                                                                                                                                                                      Who do you need to hire to archive this? Don’t need to hire anyone special, because Me and my Partner will have all under control during the construction, development, design of the Hotel & bedrooms, gadget, beds, etc
The Owners of the hotel will be more famous than Sol Kerzner, the rooms will appear in TV
The first Safe Heaven Hotels will be in: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town.
Prices Projected
Prices projected for South Africa= (X) ( 1.5)
                                      Per Hour          Morning         Night     Night Frid to Sat                                  5243616 minimum profit a year
Promotions                      R436.5       666            740            893
Standard with full fridge             R488          724            783            936        year revenue= 936*3*4*12= 134784  *3= 404352   
Special                              R551          848            936            1066      year revenue=1066*3*4*12=153504  *3= 460512
Special with Jacuzzi                           R616           913           1057          1289      year revenue=1289*3*4*12=185616*3= 556848
Passion of Colours          R648           956           1100          1350      year revenue=1350*3*4*12=194400*3=583200
Luxurious with Jacuzzi   R670          1050         1269          1428       year revenue=1428*3*4*12=205632*3=616896  total for 5 bedrooms 2621808*2= revenue with 10 bedrooms  R5243616 .
The enterprise is been proven to be very lucrative in South America Uruguay with a population of 3.407 million (2013) and 1.305 million (2011) in the capital Montevideo where the business is situated, is in one of the most poor countries in South America and this Enterprise it been in business for over 20 years in Uruguay very successfully . Here in South Africa we have a population in 2016 of 54815953 and in JHB we have a population of 3.2 million with low or not competition at all     against this Enterprise, there will be plans to open a chain of identical hotels in the mayor towns in the country:  JHB, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban. Or sale it as a franchise after the Hotel in JHB is been prove over and over to be so successful that we will need to build more rooms very soon after the grand opening.                                                                                                                                                                                      The urgency of the investment is because now in winter the constriction can be done without interruptions for the rain; Land to build this fantastic hotel is running out, the best will be to build it in the centre of JHB.               
What are the best bits about the business? The Privacy, Best romantic place ever, affordable, safe in many ways & many more bits that I will only tell the investors, don’t like other people copying my idea.
What proves that your company is awesome? “Safe Heaven Hotels” will take South Africa by Storm, there will be the more awesome hotel in South Africa; Which other hotel offers such a Privacy, what other hotel will offer the morning pill if something wrong happen, what other hotel offer the manager to drive the couple home in their car if they don’t feel well, and for sure I did not mention the Romantic & Luxurious bedrooms, so yes there are many evidences that prove the Safe Heaven Hotels are awesome.
What will convince you to invest if I was an investor? Just the knowing that it has no competition in South Africa, that nothing compares to it, that all South Africans are beeen waiting for an hotel like this one to be build after Mandela come to power, but the lack of imagination from the South African investors stop this from ever happen, one of the rules of investment is diversify but no one did only when I start searching in February 2016 for hotels like the “Safe Heaven Hotels” people spying on my searches start thinking that it was a good idea & try to do similar hotels like my original idea using a normal big house, ridiculous.
The Deal
Looking for R3,000,000 - Minimum R2,000,000
I ask for serious investors. I put on the table my idea that is worth millions and my knowledge of the Private Hotels and the promise; I will run the hotel to the best of my experience. I did not see in this network an idea better than mine that is good for the people and very profitable. I don't think any serious investors had seen my proposal, because is such a Great business without any competition in South Africa they must be fools in not contact me immediately. Investors could do it without my knowhow but they will be wasting their millions, as soon I can build                           the Private  hotels following my specs, hard work and experience, the only people going to the competition will be the ones that could not find space to come to my hotels.
The Team
The team that will run the Private Hotel will be between ages of 20 to 27 so we can be using this: Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) , We can Claim back from SARS up to R1000 for each employee. I will be training everyone on their duties. There will be no more than 10 people including me. In a few words, I already know where to get all the best people for the private hotels. I'm not afraid of any kind of competition, anyone is welcome to try to build this kind of hotel, they will be wasting their millions, once the Love Nest Private Hotel is build with my specs on the type of building, security, employees, electronics etc, it will make all the similar Hotels run out of business;
0714529192 Call anytime.
Diego Singer
I been in Italy working for a year in 1987, and have received 2 diplomas in Italy one of Health and Safety and another one of Technician in Marble and Granite Factories and Quarries.
I have completed a course on Health & Safety Rep in South Africa too in 2012.
I help to build 2 Granite Factories in South Africa with the huge Gang-Saws that cut the huge blocks of granite where we get Tombstones and thinner slabs 20mm and 30mm to use in households and buildings. In the world cup 2010 I help all the team of Chile reporters to stay comfortable in South Africa, from doing bookings taking them to all stadiums and other places, translating everything for them; then taking care of VIP like Ivan Zamorano (Legendary player ex Captain of  the Chilean team) and his wife Supermodel Maria Albero, help too Javier Zanetti (Captain of the inter-milan) and wife; In a few words I know very well how to treat people no matter how important are in the world
Last but not least I can speak Spanish, English, Italian and understand Portuguese, so I'm ready to deal with any tourist group of couples coming from any part of the world. And at the end of October 2016 I finish the Course of first Aid 1,2, & 3 at Er24.
I’m ready for anyone that will come to the hotel and be safe and treated like a king, the future investors have nothing to worry about how the hotels will be run.
Kind Regards:
Diego Singer


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